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Spoonflower, Betabrand and Double take!

Every month Spoonflower team up with an awesome company to host a competition. This month it was with Betabrand (cool clothing company based in San Francisco...check them out!). The challenge was to design a "double take" print. A fabric that from a distance looks like one thing but up close reveals hidden or camouflaged elements, for example Betabrand use a dogtooth that is made from unicorns!

I love to enter the competitions and I'm very excited to reveal that this month I won! I still can't quite believe it and I haven't stopped smiling about it. Here is my entry....

Inspired by the unicorn dogtooth I started to think about classic textile designs, paisleys, damasks etc and decided to use the ogee as my base. Then I drew icons to fit into that shape. I hope that from a distance it would look like a pretty blue and white fabric but up close.."is that an onion?!"

Ogee Icons is now available to buy on Spoonflower as a fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. I've also created two new colourways which will be available soon.

The exciting news is that this is just part one. The top 15 entries are going to be featured in Betabrands August Think Tank and have the chance to end up on real garments! Here are the top 15 designs...

Congratulations to everyone who made the top 15, they are all so quirky and clever. I absolutely adore skeleton lillies by derek_quinlan, so beautiful and eerie all in one.

Thank you to Spoonflower for letting me use their photos!

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